Specialized Safeguard Services

A vast majority of all cruise and cargo ships operating in U.S. ports are foreign flagged ships. As such, cruise and shipping companies employ mostly non-U.S. crew. When a non-U.S. crewmember is discharged from a ship (i.e. end of contract, termination, illness, etc.), their employer is required to provide transportation back to their native country. TSS is contracted by cruise lines, shipping lines and shipping agents to take custody of these crewmembers from the time of their discharge from the ship to when the plane departs en route to its destination.

Our Crew Safeguard Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) address U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements and are followed closely by every Safeguard Officer, on every safeguard job. Our Safeguard Officers are hand selected based on their background, experience and customer service skills. They are well trained and held accountable for the execution of those procedures as set forth in the SOP.