The TSS Story

It all began with an idea shared over a lunch in the summer of 2014. That idea was to create a security company designed specifically for the maritime industry; one out of a deep understanding and passion for it. We saw an opportunity to change the industry for the better with a fresh approach. Today that initial idea has come to fruition and continues to evolve, improve and expand.

One of TSS’ greatest strengths is that it is specialized, focusing exclusively on the maritime security business, yet what truly sets TSS apart from its competitors is its leadership and management personnel. We pride ourselves in our people. Our leadership and wider management team is highly-qualified with vast industry experience, serving as a value-added partner to a variety of discerning clients in the maritime industry. TSS’ management has a wealth of diverse operational experience in the cruise, cargo and port industries. TSS employs management personnel who are multidimensional, bringing more to the table than just law enforcement and security experience including possessing superior customer service and conflict management skillsets. In the same vain, TSS Consultants and Instructors are industry professionals with considerable experience in the implementation of Facility and Vessel Security Plans and not just an understanding of regulatory language. This brings great depth and value to our services that is greatly appreciated by our clients.